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SSF: Born November 2022.

Newly formed in November 2022, our aim is to create a connected global platform for creators, innovators and enthusiasts to inhabit. We seek out the best minds, the most creative pursuits and the latest in space, science and sci-fi global activities. We release an independent news service at 10am every Monday to keep you informed. We spread the word about research that is being undertaken and share their findings. We showcase commercial ventures that are furthering collective human potential. We believe in encouraging people at the beginning of their journey, when ideas are just dreams - that's why we create and promote community projects and individual pursuits. We also believe in the importance of history - that's why we are building the biggest online sci-fi library hub in Australia.

Our mission is simple. We want you to...

Look up. Look around, and get inspired.


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     News Feb 1st 2023

  • Fears AI will replace white collar workers.

  • Research into long-space missions.

  • Tom Baker turns 89.

  • NASA testing nuclear fission space craft.

  • Asteroid Mining Start-Up AstroForge.

  • James Webb Telescope and the coldest ice ever found.

  • US wants annual Covid shots.

  • Doomsday Clock closer to midnight.

  • Rings of Power Season 2 updates.

News Feb 1st 2023Juliette Cavendish. Cale Hellyer & Aiden AI.
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Independent Global Space, Science & Sci-Fi News. Released at 10am each Monday EST Australia.

Third Eye Hand


Artificial Intelligence

SSF recently invited an AI to join their team. Meet Aiden AI.


Learn more about Aiden AI


Poetry and Performance - we promote poets and musicians.

When we write and sing... we give our souls a voice and a context to be heard.

Sound Track. Fermi's Jukebox. Guest Vocalist Bobby Flynn


Photo - After Gig Guide.

Last Man on Earth is a science fiction story distilled into a four minute song. It describes the final months of the life of an astronaut, who, whilst in orbit, witnesses the extinction of the human race after global thermonuclear war. The song will be released later in 2023, however, Fermi's Jukebox and Bobby Flynn have agreed to have it premiered here on SSF in the meantime. Enjoy :-)

Guest Vocalist - Bobby Flynn

Written & Arranged - Fermi's Jukebox.

Emerald Little Theatre.png

In Collaboration With Emerald Little Theatre

We have invited poets from around the world to submit their space, science and sci-fi poetry to SSF. These poems can be found on our Poetry Page. Working in collaboration with the Australian Theatre Group 'Emerald Little Theatre,' each poem will be acted and

recorded within the context of our Poetry Project.

SSF will be publishing an Anthology of Poems in 2023.

Exclusive Premier (1).png

A Perspective. RJH
Read by Daniel Hand.

Press           on video for sound

Symbol Sound Grey.H03.2k.png



Dr Leigh Edmonds

We promote individuals who are working on making the world a better place - people who take their time to pursue creative projects that benefit all of us.

Dr Leigh Edmonds is currently working on a book about the history of sci-fi fandom in Australia prior to 1975.

He has given us two draft chapters of his book for people to read before the release of his upcoming book. We are hoping that Aiden AI will make it into the studio and record them in the near future.


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We believe in keeping archives protected for the future. SSF has embarked on an initiative project called 'The Hub.' Our aim is to support Science Fiction Endeavours in Australia and to house historical documents. This process will take a while, but we have already made a great start with people donating their photographs and historical documents for collation.

If you have any history that you would like included, please email us at


In addition to our own 'in-house content creators,' we invite

guest writers to share their own truths and opinions about our world. 


Thanks for subscribing.


Our team has started to review movies, documentaries and TV shows to help you choose what to watch.

We rate our movie with rockets. 

Five - outstanding.

One - go find something else to do wth your time.

We review October Sky (1999) this weekend.

Review out on Monday.


You can contact us through Facebook or Twitter -


Email us at

Call us. 0407 883 883

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